May 19th, 2023:


A DECISIVE WIN IN PENNSYLVANIA. Democrat Heather Boyd held on to a single-seat majority in the PA house. While the senate is still controlled by Republicans, the house and the governorship are not, meaning no state constitutional amendments criminalizing abortion, no anti-LGBTQ legislation for now. Oher harmful Republican agendas will be kept at bay. Keep up the good work!

A TRADITIONALLY REPUBLICAN CITY IN FLORIDA ELECTS A DEMOCRAT for mayor. Jacksonville, the 11th largest city in the nation, chose Donna Deegan, considered an upset victory over the GOP. As the governor deepens polarities in the state, Deegan ran a positive, inclusive campaign and attracted independents and Republican crossovers.

A VERY RED CITY ELECTS AN INDEPENDENT BLACK BUSINESSMAN. Yemi Mobolade has become mayor of Colorado Springs, CO. He defeated a number of strong GOP contenders, focusing on a positive campaign and transcending the political divide.  

REPUBLICAN TAKEOVER OF SCHOOL BOARDS MAY BE BACKFIRING. Read here about national lack of success.