Who We Are

PHOTO: Ellen Augarten

FridayAction.org is a group of people, growing in number from coast to coast, who are deeply concerned about the direction of our country and the state of our democracy.

We are volunteers.

We engage in small actions with big impact.

Weekly Zoom meetings keep up our spirits, bolstered by good news, good outcomes, shared by group leader Paul Spector.

Paul organizes us with a focus on doable projects, attainable goals with a high success rate.

Recent talks can be watched here.

We welcome all who need connection with kindred spirits, 
who want to hear how activism is succeeding, and who might like to help.

About Paul Spector

Paul Spector headshot

Paul Spector. PHOTO: Ellen Augarten.

Paul Spector is an organizational consultant who served as ward councilor for his city for twelve years and has been an activist all his life, from the Vietnam era protests to the campaigns for Dukakis, Clinton, and John Kerry,

Since the 1990s, he’s organized house parties of friends, compiling packets in support of candidates through data-driven choices—eschewing politically charged, high-profile campaigns for under-the-radar, winnable seats, where a group of energized, like-minded people can make a difference. Twice a week, Paul shares heartening news and focused projects to a growing audience.

If you would like to attend one of Paul’s talks, click here.


Past Projects

Handwritten postcards to voters, including:

  • Get-out-the-vote for specific candidates
  • Cards encouraging people to turn in their mail-in ballots
  • Over 150,000 contacts to voters in Bucks County, follow-up statistical research shows a 3-6% increase in voter participation from our efforts

Purposed phone banking, including:

  • Supporting strategic campaigns in multiple states
  • A successful campaign to have Fox News taken off public TVs to allow more neutral content
  • Organizing poll volunteers

Successful fundraising, including:

  • For the Bucks Country Democrats
  • For SGCC
  • For the New Georgia Project
  • For Virginia State House Representative Wendy Gooditis
  • For Pennsylvania Congresswoman Susan Wild
  • For Evan McMullin’s Independent campaign in Utah
  • For the Movement Voter Project
  • The Georgia Alliance
Click here to see a list of our current projects.
Actions to protect our democracy

"We are always stronger together,
so if we can conquer division,
we can conquer anything."

—Kenidra Woods