GOOD NEWS FOR 11.18.23

Biden’s historic presidency continues, this week in a summit with Xi Jinping. You can read a summary of his achievements on the FridayAction page dedicated to his accomplishments. Click here.


Biden and Xi Jinping announce a new climate agreement. Their four-hour meeting, skillfully negotiated, was one of parity, brought about in part by U.S. economic strength. The two leaders re-established military communications, agreed to cooperate in stemming the flow of pre-cursor chemicals for fentanyl, as well as to work together to address the risks of AI. Heather Cox Richardson

The government will be funded into the new year. The Senate passed Mike Johnson’s House bill. It’s not perfect but the present crisis has been averted. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Shumer is relieved, Biden will sign, and the House extremists did not get their way. The Hill

Biden reached a major milestone, confirming 150 federal judges. These judges come from diverse professional backgrounds that have been underrepresented on the bench. Julia Kobick in Massachusetts is the 100th female judge of the Biden era. White House NBC

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed 784 enforcement actions in the fiscal year, garnering $4.95 billion in penalties and other financial remedies. The figures underscore how, under Democratic leadership, the agency has sought to more aggressively police violations and misconduct. Reuters

Dominion’s Fox News Case Was Just the Beginning. Teams of lawyers continue to pursue Donald Trump’s allies for their 2020 election lies. “The truth was in Fox’s inbox.” Seeking that truth, many more civil lawsuits are progressing through the courts. Vanity Fair

Republicans are bleeding support from the suburbs. Special, off-year, and midterm election analysis continues to show that Democrats are performing well, gaining ground in better educated communities, blue state as well as red, confirming voters have a problem with Republican extremism. Vox

George Santos will not run for re-election after a scathing Ethics Committee Report. CBS News

Prices stayed flat in October as annual inflation dropped. The new inflation figures are a welcome sign of reprieve. The Hill Barrons

Jill Biden will lead a White House initiative on women’s health research, uniting a consortium of many government agencies. Women comprise more than half of the U.S. population but remain understudied and underrepresented in health research. White House

The good news team will take a Thanksgiving break. Our next update will be on December 2, 2023.