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Our projects are creatively chosen for both viability and impact. We support candidates for whom our fundraising and efforts will make a unique difference, seats that might not have the national spotlight but are in contention, winnable, and strategically important, and which can potentially draw more voters for up-ticket races.

What we're working on

November Elections


November 8, 2023. So much hung in the balance in this off-year election. This fall we focused on voter turnout in Pennsylvania, and helped SGCC fundraise for state legislature candidates in Virginia. As SGCC warned, a red trifecta leading into 2024 would have been dangerous—VA Governor Glenn Youngkin and the Republicans had vowed to ban abortion. There would have been nothing to stop the GOP from overturning the independent redistricting commission that Democrats installed in 2020, from repealing commonsense gun control bills, eroding protections for the LGBTQ+ community, and banning books. Virginia now has Democratic state house and state senate to balance the Republican governor. And Pennsylvanians voted in a new Supreme Court justice who ran on abortion rights.

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“Drops of water turn a mill,
singly none, singly none.”

—Pete Seeger