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Our projects are creatively chosen for both viability and impact. We support candidates for whom our fundraising and efforts will make a unique difference, seats that might not have the national spotlight but are in contention, winnable, and strategically important, and which can potentially draw more voters for up-ticket races.

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Georgia Is Critical


There are significant differences between a 50-50 Senate and 51-49. 50-50 means power sharing on all committees: important legislation and nominations can be blocked. For example, in the last session Senate Republicans stopped the January 6th investigation— it’s why that job was taken up by The House.

 A 51-49 also stops any single Democratic senator (i.e. Manchin or Sinema) from hijacking legislation and blocking nominations.  Also, there is concern that they could switch parties.

Finally, as one Georgian voter put it, One candidate is a qualified senator. The other is Hershel Walker.”  Unqualified, Unstable, Contradictory. A Trump-endorsed yes-man.


Here are four effective actions you can take.
1. We will be writing postcards to remind voters of the date of the election—Tuesday, December 6—and enabling their participation. 
Need a team leader to participate?  Click Here
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2. The Georgia Alliance for Progress is distributing funds where most needed, primarily to groups organizing thousands of volunteers for canvassing and getting out the vote for Warnock.
Donate to the Movement Voter Project. Time is of the essence. Donate today!   Donate Here
3. Phone bank to get out the vote in Georgia. Click Here 
4. Be a force multiplier. Copy the link to this page and share with friends and relatives.


Now through December 6th. 

Important Note. Postcards, prepared now, to be mailed November 26th through November 29th.


To be announced.

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“Drops of water turn a mill,
singly none, singly none.”

—Pete Seeger