These are challenging times for those of us who care about our democracy, who want our leaders to be ethical and our social contracts to be honored, who believe in government—of the people, by the people, for the people—as a force for good. Each week, we keep our spirits up by reviewing positive progress in the nation.

People Joining Hands

COLIN ALLRED ANNOUNCES A BID TO UNSEAT TED CRUZ IN TEXAS. This video gives us great hope. You’ll find him upright, outstanding, affirming.

THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION HAS MADE HUGE STRIDES in economic development in the last two years, bringing jobs home but also solidifying international alliances. Click here to read the heartening accomplishments.

MORE THAN 1000 ARRESTS IN THE JANUARY 6TH ASSAULT on The Capitol have been made.


THE DOJ HAS WON ALL BUT ONE of the scores of cases gone to trial thus far.

FOUR OF THE PROUD BOYS HAVE BEEN CONVICTED, three with the rare charge of sedition. They are going to jail. The conviction of the leader, without being present, has grave implications for the ex-president.

TWENTY-SIX WOMEN HAVE ACCUSED TRUMP of sexual assault. Not a happy number, but one that gives hope that truth and justice will follow.

PEOPLE IN RED AND BLUE STATES HAVE BEEN ENGAGED TO FIGHT FOR A RIGHT TO CHOOSE after a federal judge in Texas banned a drug used for medical abortion nationwide. It will impact the next election cycle. A Fox News poll on abortion says 65% of voters believe there should be legal access to medication abortion. 30% say it should be illegal. Read the article

ALMOST ALL AMERICANS WANT SOME FORM OF GUN CONTROL. 87% are in favor of background checks, again according to a Fox News poll. 81% support the legal age to purchase firearms at 21. 61% support a ban on assault weapons. Read the Article

REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS MOVE FURTHER OUT OF SYNC with what the electorate want, which presently bodes well for Democrats.

“Instead of looking for hope, look for action.
Then, and only then, hope will come.”

—Greta Thunberg