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  • GOOD NEWS AS OF APRIL 20, 2024

    The Biden Administration’s work goes on—more this week! Check out their accomplishments and endeavors below. And read the deep list of achievements here.


    Paul’s Highlights This Week:

    In a respected poll, President Biden leads Trump by 19% among likely Gen Z voters. This is on par with 2020. The Harvard Public Opinion Project finds that people 18-29 are strongly engaged. Whether they plan on voting or not, Biden still leads 8% among everyone. Any guilty verdict will significantly impact votes for Trump. And Biden still wins with JFK added to the mix. Enjoy this comprehensive look at young Americans’ political opinions and voting trends. Harvard Public Opinion Project

    In a show of family solidarity against RFK Jr., the Kennedy clan endorses Biden. “He has us thriving again, believing again, behaving like good neighbors again,” Kerry Kennedy said. “Nearly every single grandchild of Joe and Rose Kennedy supports Joe Biden.” The New York TImes

    An abortion rights measure presented nearly double the signatures needed to qualify for the Colorado November ballot. On the same day an abortion ban initiative failed to meet the requirements. Westword

    Democrats have a financial edge in the battle for the U.S. House, outraising Republicans and placing sizable advertisement reservations, as their counterparts grapple with the fallout of ongoing leadership battles. Democratic ads will be hitting on abortion rights and the failure of the bi-partisan border deal. Meanwhile, as GOP candidates struggle with fundraising, Trump is demanding a 5% kickback for using his name. CNN, USA Today

    Michigan Democrats have won special elections to regain full control of state government. As, we believe, special elections continue to be better barometers than polls, this week Democrats won two special elections in this swing state to break a 54-54 tie in the Michigan House. (The seats were previously Democratic, held by members who resigned after winning their mayoral races. Even so.) Associated Press

    The Senate made short shrift of the U.S. House impeachment articles on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. “It is beneath the dignity of the Senate to entertain this nakedly partisan exercise,” Chuck Schumer stated. Constitutional scholars, including conservative legal experts, said the Republicans’ case was deeply flawed and weakened Congress’s most powerful tool for holding despots and delinquents to account. The Guardian

    In Michigan, Peter Barca, a Democrat, brings hope that a long-held GOP seat will be put into play. Barca briefly held the seat decades ago and has been inspired to step up by the dysfunction in the U.S. House. The seat has been maintained by Republicans all this time, but by very narrow margins. The Daily Kos

    Mormon women reject Trump, fraying GOP support in Arizona. In a state where tight margins and voter enthusiasm could determine the White House, these self-identifying Republican LDS women say the party has left them behind. NPR

    Alabama voter turnout surged in a new district. After the Supreme Court ordered Alabama to redraw the district map to create a second minority majority seat in the U.S. House, there’s been a 133% jump in participation in the Democratic primary, great news for democracy. APR


    Speaker Mike Johnson gave an impassioned Ukraine speech as he defied reactionary MAGA members. Johnson, no liberal, but working with Democrats as well as Republicans, has once more moved astutely to make his dysfunctional House function. This puts his speakership on the line. He separated funding for the bipartisan Senate bill into five votes: Ukraine; Israel; Taiwan; sanctions on Russia, China, and Iran; and funding for security at the Southern Border. President Biden has supported Johnson, and the speaker has said he cannot play politics here. Democrats stepped up to pass these key aid packages. Newsweek

    Biden is doing all he can to mediate the tense, difficult situation with Netanyahu and Israel. Axios. In a developing situation, the New York Times has written, “Israel had vowed retaliation for Iran’s attack last weekend, but the strikes reported early this Friday morning were limited, and Iran downplayed them.” “Muted reactions to Israeli strikes on Iran hint at de-escalation.” The New York Times


    A new, far-reaching Interior Department rule puts conservation and clean energy development on par with drilling, mining, and resource extraction on federal lands for the first time. Washington Post

    Biden is shielding millions of acres of Alaskan wilderness. The administration has blocked a proposed industrial road needed to mine copper in the middle of the state, and has banned oil drilling on 13 million acres in the North Slope. The New York Times

    Biden has done more than any other president in history to increase safe renewable energy, address the climate crisis, and protect the environment. Climate changes are here. They impact our day-to-day lives, our health and food systems, our economy and our national security. Here is an easy, clear summary of all Biden has done since Day One and up to and including last week: Newsweek


    The protest crowd for Trump fizzled. He called on his followers for a huge display outside the courthouse where his first criminal trial began. About 50 “randos,” showed up. A weariness is settling in. MSNBC

    Here are a few unspoken substantiations before Trump’s criminal trial begins. When a jury enters, everyone rises. Trump is remaining seated. How do you think this will make a juror feel? How do they interpret being glared at? How do they interpret needing to protect their identity? It’s also tradition to supply the defense with upcoming witnesses. The prosecution has refused out of concern for their safety. The Judge agrees. Joyce Vance

    A judge rejects Trump’s effort to pause his Jan. 6 civil lawsuits while his D.C. criminal case is ongoing, and while he waits for the Supreme Court to rule on his presidential immunity. Several suits, from Congressional members and Capitol police, are continuing to seek redress, to hold Trump accountable for his actions leading up to Jan. 6. ABC News

    Prosecutions of fake electors for Trump have gained ground. Five swing states are continuing to indict Trump allies and scrutinize the steps taken to circumvent the will of voters after the 2020 election. The New York Times


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